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Convocatoria VIII Seminario Internacional de Estudios Coreanos

(8th International Conference on Korean Studies)

World War II and the Subsequent Independence of the Korean Peninsula

Date & Venue

Miércoles 11 de noviembre Clase magistral Sala de Profesores

Jueves 12 de noviembre VIII Seminario Internacional de Estudios Coreanos (de 9 a 18:00 hrs.) Auditorio, Facultad de Historia, Geografía y Ciencia Política Campus San Joaquín Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

CALL FOR PAPERS (April 3, 2015)

The Asian Studies Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile announces and invites you to attend the 8th International Conference on Korean Studies (hereafter SIEC) in Santiago, Chile, on November 11-12, 2015. Sponsored by the Korea Foundation Project, the Conference will take place at the University’s San Joaquin Campus.

Achieving peace after the WWII and the impact of the 20th Century World history on Korean modernity before, during and after the War cannot be ignored in any discussion of the countries’ Independence and Division of the Korean Peninsula. To analyze the context of these topics, the following experts have been invited to the 8th SIEC: Dr. Werner Pfennig, Dr. Adam Cathcart and Dr. Todd Henry.

Dr. Werner Pfennig is a Research Associate at the Institute of Korean Studies and Department of History and Culture Studies at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. He studied political science and contemporary history and his expertise is on division, normalization and unification. Dr. Adam Cathcart is a Lecturer in Chinese History of the University of Leeds, England. He specializes in contemporary Chinese history, with a geographic focus on Manchuria and his research emphasis is on Northeast Asian interactions in the early Cold War. His main categories are China-North Korea relations, Sino-Japanese relations and East-West Cultural Relations. Dr. Todd Henry is a specialist on modern Korea with a focus on the period of Japanese Rule (1910-1945). He is also interested in social and cultural formations linking post-Asia-Pacific War South Korea, North Korea, and Japan (1945-present) within the geopolitical contexts of American militarism and the Cold War.

Another special guest is Art Historian Dr. Byungmo Chung, professor of the Department of Cultural Assets at the Gyeongju University, South Korea. He fuses tradition and modernity in analyzing Korean Folk Painting.

Selected papers of the previous six Conferences were published in 2010, 2012 and 2014, entitled Corea una visión interdisciplinaria,Corea un acercamiento multidiciplinario and Una aproximacion humanista a los estudios coreanos, respectively. Since 2014, the Editorial Committee was formed to review and select the Conference papers presented to be Included in the book. This year, a second volume of the winning essays of this University’s Undergraduate Essay Contest on Korean Studies (2011-2014) will be launched during the Conference as an e-book. The first volume was published in 2011.

Professors and researchers, affiliated with universities and/or research centers, who wish to present a paper at the 8th Conference should send the title of their proposed paper and an abstract of approximately 300 words (in Spanish or English), plus a brief CV. The topic is open and should have a multidisciplinary and comparative focus on Korea.

Proposals must be submitted as an e-mail attachment in MS Word format (Times New Roman font, 12 point type, interlinear space 1.5, margins 2.5cm) to VII SIEC: Please use your last name as a document title (gonzalez_a.doc, etc.). Deadline for receiving proposals is Friday June 15, 2015.

Requested information:

NAME (surname first):

Title: Prof., Dr., Mr., Ms.

Academic Affiliation and Address:

Title of paper:

3 Key Words:

Postal Address (if different from above)

E-mail Address:

Telephone (work):

Telephone (home/mobile):

The papers to be presented will be selected by the International Committee of the Conference. Notification of acceptance will be sent by Julyt 15, 2015. If accepted, confirmation of your attendance must be received by Monday July 30 and full text papers must be sent to by Wednesday September 1, 2015, with pictures/photos in JPG format and citations and references in APA format, 6th Edition.

No registration fee is required for the Conference and a discount rate will be available, if needed, at the hotel chosen by the university. However, due to financial limitations, travel stipends are NOT available.

Note: After the Conference, in case a previously published paper is selected for publication by the Editorial Committee, the SIEC will require written authorization from the original publisher of the article. The right to publish and sell the book belongs to the SIEC.

Further information:

Dr. Wonjung Min

Professor & Executive Committee Member

Korea Foundation Project Director 2014-2016

Asian Studies Center

Faculty of History, Geography and Political Science

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Av. Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul, Santiago, Chile

Tel. +56223547138

For additional information regarding the Conference consult the Asian Studies Center Homepage: or e-mail

Finally, if you are interested in Korean Studies-related activities at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, you may contact the following links: and/or

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